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The company’s history began over 70 years ago as a small family business in Zakarpattia, founded by Vasyl Kuklyshin, to meet the needs of seedling nurseries in Ukraine.

At the beginning of its operations, we collected seeds of wild pear, wild cherry, apple apricot, and buckthorn( Malus, Ceresus, Pirus, Prunus) to cater to the needs of both Ukraine and other republics of the USSR. 

In the 1960s, we expanded our seed collection to include European fir, white fir, European larch, Douglas fir, beech, common ash, broad-leaved lime, small-leaved lime (Picea abies, Larix dezidua, Abies alba, Pseudotsuga Menziesii), and other to serve the forestry, agricultural, and municipal enterprises.

The private enterprise “Ukrayins’ke lisove nasinnya”(Ukrainian Forest seeds) was founded in 2003 by Ivan Kuklyshin, the son, in connection with the reorganization and privatization of the firm "Ukrderzhzagotlisnasinnya" (Ukrainian State Forest Seed Procurement).

Currently, the private enterprise “Ukrayins’ke lisove nasinnya”(Ukrainian Forest seeds) carries out its own collection of cones, fruits, seeds, and their processing.

The company also supplies seed protection products, seedlings, packaging for seed storage, and other related items to nurseries.

All harvested seeds undergo mandatory verification by the State organization “Ukrayins’kyy lisovyy selektsiynyy tsentr”(Ukrainian Forest Breeding Center) to obtain a certificate of seed quality for further distribution.

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